Upcoming winter exhibition in Grønbæk the 26 - 28th of November

Upcoming winter exhibition in Grønbæk the 26 - 28th of November

Photo: Christer Wallentin

I grew up in a small town called Mölle in the south of Sweden. Already at a young age I began to sketch and paint. Back then, I preferred to sketch faces and landscapes. I really enjoyed the creative process. I was continuously encouraged by family and friends to keep on painting.

In the year 2010, I was determined to find my own artistic style. The dream was to someday have my own art exhibition. I navigated through the Internet to find some inspiration and found Henri Rousseau’s amazing jungle paintings, and I thought: ”This is what I want to paint”. 

The first time I had the opportunity to show my paintings in public was at the Kommune Hospital in Aarhus (2012), where 15 of my paintings were displayed, both jungle and abstracts. The second time, I co-joined with Bertil Berg at Galleri Möllegården in Mölle (July, 2016). A lot of people came and I was overjoyed by the positive feedback. It gave me inspiration and the confidence to continue painting, and I immediately started to plan for my next exhibition. So, the following summer (2017) I exhibited solo for the first time at Galleri Möllegården.  

When I don’t paint I work as a Medical physicist at Aarhus University Hospital. I moved to Denmark in 2009 after finishing my studies in Teknisk Fysik (Physics Engineering) and Sjukhusfysik (Medical Physics) at Umeå University in Sweden. Working as a Medical physicist in a radiotherapy clinic involves a lot of problem solving and patience, which comes in handy also when I paint. For me, I think painting involves a lot of testing and finding the best result for each art project, which I also do, to some extent, in my research at work. However, the difference is that artwork is not a product of what is right or true, but instead of what feels right in the moment. 

I live in the heart of Jylland in Denmark, close to the city called Silkeborg, together with my man, bonus kids and our cats. When I feel inspired and motivated I grab my coffee, put on some music and start painting. Read more about my artwork in About my Art.