Serup Forsamlingshus, Serup, Denmark, the 8-13th of August - 2021

This art exhibition is supposedly the first exhibition to be held here at the Serup Forsamlingshus. Serup is a beautiful little village in the countryside, located in the heart of Jylland, close to Silkeborg. I am myself a resident in Serup, which has about 240 inhabitants. My family, our cats, and me moved to our dream house here in July 2020. I was thrilled to discover that the community house (Serup Forsamlingshus) hosted a perfect lighted and spacious room, where I could show all my new paintings for my next exhibition. Said and done! I hosted my vernissage here the 8th of August. The exhibition was then open for visitors the five following weekdays. I was very lucky that Palle Madsen from Madsen & Friends was available to come and play some of his beautiful tunes at the vernissage. It was a little surprising, and of course also wonderful, that so many people came to see the exhibition, not only because Serup is a small village but also because I am at this time still quite an unknown artist in Denmark. I was so happy for all the beautiful response and praise I got for my art. I will definitely come back here in the future to hold a second exhibition.